September 15, 2011

Daily Bread

A lot of people has been asking me what kind of things that I use for my make up and about my daily beauty regiments. So I decided to make one :D Truth to be told, I'm very fortunate to have never experience bad acne problems, if you know what I mean. I'm very thankful to have dry and sensitive skin even though it's very very annoying, that's why most of my beauty products are functioned to be hydrating and moisturizing. I'm going to divide this "beauty post" into two posts, this one is going to be about beauty products that I use daily like cleanser, mask, etc and the next post is going to be about my make up collection. Let's start! Oh yea, this post is NOT SPONSORED. I bought them with my (parents') money and these opinion are based on my experience :D

Body Lotion: St. Ives - Soothing/ Oatmeal & Shea Butter

For your information, I have a very dry skin, my elbows, arms, and legs used to be so dry, it would leave white marks when you try to scratch it. I have allergies to extremely cold weather because my skin is so dry. My skin would start getting very itchy and it will rash like everywhere on my tummy. That's why this body lotion from St. Ives is a life saver, it was made purposely for my type of skin. I used to use Jergens' Ultra Healing, but this one works better and smell nicer. I recommend you not to use body lotion that are fruity or floral scented like body lotion from Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, or Victoria Secret because those body lotion (from MY PAST EXPERIENCE) makes your skin hairy and they just don't work to moisturize your skin, they're more like lotion to make your skin smells good. But hey, that's just me!

Clean&Clear Deep Action with Green Apple Extract / NIVEA Visage Moisturizing Fluid SPF 15 / Biore Release Steam Activated Cleanser
Biore 2in1 Make Up Cleanser / L'Oral Lip & Eye MakeUp Remover / POND'S Cleanser

My tips for nice and flawless face? NEVER EVER LET ANYONE EVEN YOURSELF touch your face. Especially when you are not really a hygiene freak like me, you rarely wash your hands and you touch your face all the time, you will have acne and breakouts, trust me. Always wash your face twice a day, it's better if you have 2 options for the cleanser, one with beads/scrubs (to clean your pores) and one without beads. Because if you use too many scrubs, it's not good for your skin, so you need to change it between day/night. It's very important to use SUNBLOCK. You don't want to get skin cancer or wrinkles in your young age, don't you? And I do put mask on my face once a week, it will hydrate your skin, really nice. I recommend face masks from The Face Shop. The second picture are my make up cleansers, you can get them at Watsons or any Supermarket. Just DO NOT FORGET TO WIPE OFF THOSE MAKE UP BEFORE YOU GO TO BED NO MATTER HOW LAZY YOU ARE.

Liese 04 Hair Wax / Liese Juicy Shower

Lastly, these are my hair products. I bought them in Singapore, I use the wax to hold my waves cus I permed my hair 2 months ago, and the juicy shower is like a moisturizing spray with fruity scents, so it will make your hair soft and smells nice :D

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  1. Hai carol,, may I know where you bought the body lotion and The hair product in Singapore? Thank you for sharing.. :) can't wait for your make up collection.. :)

  2. hi ^^ i bought the body lotion in Australia, i forgot the name ;P the hair products are available in Singapore's supermarket, just look at the hair section

  3. We're using a same body lotion ! love the smell :)

  4. i liked your blog! visit my blog too! kisses

  5. Hi Caroline,

    I have the same problem as you. I used to have rash like crazy during winter time. The strange thing is now I'm back to Indo and I still have that problem! Perhaps because of the AC. WIll try St. Ives. Haven't seen that brand for quite some time, though. I hope Foodhall or Kem Chicks carry it. It would be too much hassle if I have to buy a bunch of them each time I go to Singapore! Thanks for sharing.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  6. thanks for your nice comment .
    i'm following you now , and hope you want to follow me back :)

  7. Can't wait for the make up part!!

  8. you are lucky, has a pretty skin and beloved Momyou are lucky, has a pretty skin and beloved Mom

  9. Hi Caroline! My first visit here after last time on your previous blog. Reading your posts feels exciting!
    The beauty tips are helpful, and i found that "don't let anyone touch your face" part is a basic advice people needs to know indeed!
    So i'll wait for the coming make up post.... take care <3

  10. clean and clear is such a great product! nic blog indeed!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  11. It seems like a great selection! Thank you for sharing!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  12. Lucky girl, so jealous that you have nice skin! Thanks for this though, I might steal a tip or two ;) xxAnisa

  13. I'm so glad that you finally post something about beauty products! looking forward for your next post, C :)

  14. Grazie per essere passata da me spero che continui a trovarmi. Bè alla prossima. Marcella

  15. i see some of the products i use in the pics. anyway, perhaps it's late to say this but i'm just gonna say it anyway : congratulations on your comeback, especially how pretties you've grown since then! :)

  16. You super made my day. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. :) i love you!

  17. i love biore 2in1 cleanser! its probably the best make up cleanser below 50,000idr!
    unfortunately its quite drying my skin :(

    i know you from FD, you have a really nice style!
    anyway i have an OPI giveaway running on my blog, care to take a visit? :)

  18. We use the same cleanser :) Nice post!

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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