September 20, 2011

EVENT// Etro Menswear Fall 2011 Show

First of all, let me thank my friend, Crystalia for inviting me with her to this event. This is my first fashion show ever. So I'm pretty excited and wondering what kind of ambience that the show will offer. The show was held Plaza Indonesia' Function Hall, and there are still many shows to come, I was invited to Jean Paul Gaultier on Thursday, but unfortunately I couldn't come because I'm going to watch GD&TOP at Singapore yeay!!!

Anyway, the collection was described to have "winter animals feeling" to it, but I don't see or feel anything like it. Nevertheless!!! I spot 2 cute and hot guys on the show, I think both of them are models. HOT models. God, I was out of my mind, I can't stop smiling. I can't stop thinking how ridiculously cute they are. I must say, best entertainment of the night ;P And oh, damn I'm still practicing on my new camera. It was hard for me to take the pictures yesterday, some of the pictures are blurry :(

Adam Levine-ish?
Me & Bruno (23 y.o. Brazilian Model)- Kinda reminds me of Francisco Lachowski
Herlina / Crystalia / Caroline

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  1. that guy is adam levine look alike! and you look pretty as always xx

  2. i loveee your carol !!
    even though i cant see it clearly, but it looks pretty ! eheh


  3. i like the color scheme of the photos. i bet the hot models kept you interested in the clothes (ha!).

  4. Love your photos!
    Start dreaming on

  5. thank you :)
    so elegant the collection and perfect to wear in the street.kisses

  6. u got a camera?? yayy! thats great . so u could take alot of pictures by yourself :D
    and you're so lucky dearie!! 'cause actually I've never been to an event like fashionshow :D mybe oneday. HAHAHA i wish

    and bout your shoes! they`are amazing .! really love them

  7. you're going to watch GD&TOP?! aww... I wish I could go when they're in Malaysia..
    anyway, have fun! :)
    the fashion shows look great, you took great photos !

  8. the photos look great, good job Carol !!! :)

  9. Cute prototype of Adam Levine !! i like his style :p

  10. HAHAHA! I like you Caroline! He is HOT! Awesome blog! New follower girl! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  11. cowonya bikin meleleh ya carol ;p pretty green heels and your skirt really cute.

  12. Lovelyy event and lovely outfit!

  13. all the model guys and bruno are hot.
    you also look pretty and fresh :)


  14. hi Caroline thanks for visiting fashionfelice! Wah, enaknya yang bisa attend fashion show di PI! wish u have fun there dear! :) nice to meet u

  15. omg i love menswear!!! and that guy totally looks like adam levine hehehe

  16. great photos!


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