September 20, 2011

Spring/Summer 2012: Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler is also one of my favorite, I really love their clean looks with a wee-bit of colors. I thought I won't see any floral prints on PS, but boy I was wrong.. They were also sporting the new trend. I'm surprised that I didn't see Kirsten Stewart on the front row, I guess because she's in London shooting Snow White? Because I saw her at Mulberry front row, beside Kate Moss. I love how Proenza feels very masculine, but feminine at the same time. I love to see those aqua shade on the runway!

Anyway, I love to see a lot of pencil skirt, blazer, and jacket on the runway. Very polished and chic! And I really love the make up, I'm going to look over at temptalia and wondering what they're using :D So clean, I really love this no-makeup-makeup look. :D

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  1. the prints are incredible!! LOVE IT :)


  2. in love with the first pic when I know it was see thru.. hahaha.


  3. wah i never knew floral could be made to look so edgy! wowww did you actually get to go to these events? sooo lucky! xx misstea & co.

  4. i think my fave look is the yellow skirt that ties in the front!

  5. That first piece is so incredibly stunning... i think I am in love

  6. it's a pity though that this collection seems to be more mature than previous one. I prefer when PS does younger and hip clothing.

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