September 20, 2011

Spring/Summer 2012: Matthew Williamson

This is going to be the longest post ever. More than 20+ pictures. GORGEOUS pictures of course. I cannot tell you how much I love Matthew's collection. I love it. I really love the accessories, shoes, bags, make up, hair, the clothes, styling. PERFECT. I can see myself wearing these looks. I love all the colors, so bright, lots of pattern, but still really simple, very easy, and effortless. I love the lightweight maxi-shirt  with a slit at the front. Very sexy! I think i might to search for one now! I really love the orange and green in this collection, they are very bright colors and I think Matthew played the colors really well. I cannot stop saying how much I love this collection. And have you seen Erdem SS2012? GORGEOUS!

Back to Matthew Williamson, why I love this collection is because the clean, polished, chic, yet so effortless look. Lots of buttons up, love the straight pants, I think those pants perfect for work. Can't get enough of the patterns. Those shoes.. Love the pumps, but not the other one :P Love the aqua color pop in this collection too. And did you see Anja Rubik? She's so pretty! She's glowing~

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  1. i loooove matthew, he is my favourite designer <3

  2. Such a stunning collection. Every piece is amazing!


  3. my jaw is dropping. these prints, dresses, shoes, oh my!

  4. Beautiful collection. Love the bright color! -akiko

  5. love this collection, love orange too :)


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