September 9, 2011

Hyoni Kang by Lincoln Pilcher for VOGUE China

Browsing through fashiongonerogue and found this lovely editorial for VOGUE China. My recent obsession would be Asian models, I've seen a lot of them blossoming and making this big break on fashion industry in the past year. It's so nice to see Asian faces on these fashion magazines, because somehow I feel related. And I've come to realization that VOGUE is such a great magazine "franchise" Why I say franchise? Because there a lot of VOGUEs out there! I love all of them but not VOGUE US. I think American VOGUE is somehow overstated. I think VOGUE China, Korea, Japan, Spain, British, and Australia have better content, editorials, and reviews (even though I can't understand what they're talking about because I can only understand English) than American VOGUE. Well, that's just my humble and amateur opinion :)

Anyway, I really love this editorial because there are a lot of colors! Pink, blue, purple, yellow.. I like the styling, it's so clever to use the color block trend by using the same shade. You know what I mean? The stylist didn't use the obvious color block trend that I do all the time, by mixing green with red, blue with yellow, or etc, but Morgan Pilcher, the stylist, he styled the the clothes that are in the same shades in one look. So in this monochrome look but there are a lot of colors. Lovely! Just lovely!

Photographer: Lincoln Pilcher
Stylist: Morgan Pilcher
Model: Hyoni Kang

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  1. i know! she's awesome, yeah?

  2. baeutiful pictures! this model is amazing ;)

  3. cool outfits! adorable :) love it so much

  4. Love those outfit! So colorful and super cool! :*


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